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Monday, November 12, 2012

Book Sharing Monday: The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book

The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Storybook has  been a well loved favorite read for all  three of my children.  It came to me from Sonlight Curriculum's JK Core.  The stories are whimsical, delightful and teach strong character lessons.   The illustrations are eye catching and beautiful and  just the right length for young listeners.  I had misplaced it on a shelf for a while and was so disappointed because I knew my 5 year old daughter would love this book!  When I found it (on a the book shelf tucked behind other books?) , all the kids were so excited.  We stopped everything and read a few stories.  Even the older kids will sit down to listen to the readings.  My eldest daughter willing read it a loud to her little sis. :)  

Not only was I pleased to find it as a read a loud for my youngest but I was hoping to use it for my oldest two children's speech Workshops.  They are each doing a Storytelling Speech for this years speech competition.  This book is an excellent book to pull a story from.  It also helps that the kids love these stories so much, it will make it easier to tell in a speech format.
One of the stories.  

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