"Thought breeds thought; children familiar with great thoughts take as naturally to thinking for themselves as the well-nourished body takes to growing; and we must bear in mind that growth, physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual, is the sole end of education." ~ Charlotte Mason

Monday, November 19, 2012

A First Book of Fairy Tales

A First Book of Fairy Tales came with Sonlight's P3/4.  Child friendly timeless tales retold with gorgeous illustrations grace the pages of this book.  From well known tales such as Sleeping Beauty to not so well known but wonderful stories like Diamonds and Toads make this book a delight.  My five year old loves to take this one to bed with her at night and reaches for it during the day as well.  

The introduction to this book is fascinating as well.  It gives a good glimpse into the world of fairy tales:  how they came to be, how they were passed down and how they were preserved to bring others the pleasure of reading them and enjoying them.  Both for their story and for their timeless lessons!

A great read! :)   

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