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Saturday, October 11, 2014

For the Love of Nature

Richard Louv wrote in his book Last Child in the Woods:  ".....,nature does not steal time, it amplifies it."  I couldn't agree more.  There is something intrinsically complex about our response to nature. It settles the spirit while at the same time cultivates the mind.  Our eyes feast on the delight of colour and form, our ears attune to the sounds all around us, the feel of the weather rests well over the skin; wrapping us up in sensations of warmth, cold, dampness, and the like.  The nose is able to scent the changes of the seasons while becoming familiar with the smells of winter, summer, fall and spring.  It engages us. 

As the day emerges colour comes alive in its vibrant display of glory.  The sun chases the moon from the sky as the still of night gives way to the stirrings of dawn.  Even the spider web glistens with the dew of a new day.  Mist shrouds the green of foliage in mystery until it lifts revealing that which was hidden. As evening falls, the stars appear in the sky, the moon giving us the light of night.  There is much for us to see in the beauty of nature.  It invites us to pay attention.

As I take it all in, I am reminded of the glory of the one who called it all into being.  Perhaps this is why I love nature so much.  It brings me back to the Creator, reminds me how incredible and majestic He is.  His breath of life surrounds me from the blade of grass to the sparkling stars.  And I'm apart of that!  I am so blessed.  

We spent three days hiking Algonquin Park, taking in the wonder of nature so raw and fresh.  We rose early to welcome the dawn in the park.  We spent hours hiking, just taking it all in.  For this particular trip we were there to take in the Fall colours.

Each season brings with it, its own personal narrative.  I must say Autumn reveals its glory in that setting in a way I have never seen before.   It literally took my breath away.  As we walked higher up the trail, we saw the red, gold and orange of the trees mingled together, reflected in the stillness of the water beneath it. I stood there taking in each shade and image.  I snapped some shots but not a whole lot, I wanted to be present in the moment.  I loved the hiking, the anticipation of coming through a clearing to see more colour, more beauty.  The cliffs were high on one trail; 420 feet up.  I confess being that high alarmed me but it was well worth the climb.  I am ever so glad I had the opportunity to see it from that vantage point.  It's something I will never forget. 

We went for a canoe ride along a lovely winding river just off a lake.  This was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  We came around a bend at one point and I was stunned by the scene before me.  The colour of the trees, the red of a little cottage and boat house - all perfectly reflected in the still water beneath it.  We put up our paddles and sat there taking it all in.  It was made perfect by the sound of the wind through the trees (how I love that sound), and the light chatter of the birds who were calling out to us as we sat there in silence.  I could feel the wind on the skin and hear the rustle of it moving the leaves.  I enjoyed that moment to its fullest. 

It was a perfect weekend to go.  The weather couldn't have been nicer for this experience and we hit the peak of Fall colours.   I have thought of it often since our return.  Our leaves are just beginning their own transformation and we'll trudge through our own fall.  It will be lovely too but how blessed I was to live so close to be able to visit such an amazing place as Algonquin. We really felt like we were able to experience Autumn from the height of a cliff to the meandering of a river canoe!
We turned into the evening with the sunset and the crackle of a fire made complete by the vast canopy of stars above.  The stars were brilliant up there. 

It was impossible to get a bad picture of our adventure.   Anywhere you pointed a camera was photo worthy!  I am happy to have some lovely shots.  They are the back drops of my phone, my commuter and even our TV.  

I hope you enjoy them too. :)

Beautiful Sunris

The mist of a river lifting from the beach.

The sun illuminates the reds and oranges of the Booth Trail

So beautiful from the trees to the reflection of them in the water.

Close up of the leaves

The kids sat in the rocks for a while taking it all in!

I love this picture.

This one reminds me of some of the paintings of Tom Thomson.

This pic doesn't do it justice but the dew was sparkling on this spider web.

Sunset as seen by the river

Winding down from an day of hiking with an evening campfire

Some star gazing. 

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  1. Beautiful!! Every photo is perfect and it sounds like you really enjoyed the Last Child in the Woods book. One of my very favourite.


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