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Monday, March 11, 2013

Book Sharing Monday: Meet the Group of Seven

As part of our look at Canada this year we are 'meeting' The Group of Seven! A group of artists who banded together with the express purpose of bringing the landscape of Canada to life through their paintings. Their art work is incredible and I love the way they represent Canada's seasons, territory and beautiful lakes and rivers.  The kids are having a harder time with the way the art is done.  They enjoy art that is more like a picture, with smooth lines.  The Group of Seven uses choppier, larger brush strokes.  We'll see how they like it by the end of our study though! :)  Sometimes, it just takes more exposure to art like this to have them appreciate it.  But we all have what we like best about art, which is the beauty about having so many different artists in our world!

This book is part of what I am using to go through the Group of Seven with the kids.  It has background on the artists themselves, how The Group of Seven formed along with pictures of their paintings. Visually, it's a  a wonderful book and helps round out what we are studying in respect to Canadian art. We have been picking the art pieces to view as we go through each province!  I am also using The Group of Seven ArtPak by Cyndi Regeling.  It is also a wonderful resource.  

The Cover

I love those little maple leaves, brings out the Canadian touch to the book.

The information is just enough to help the kids understand the reasons The Group of Seven  painted Canada's beautiful landscape!

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