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Monday, February 9, 2015

"Layers" DLP2015 Week 6

February's Theme for The Documented Life Project is:  Layers You Will Love!    The art challenge for February 7th was: When Not to Stop!, The journal prompt was Don't Stop Till You Get Enough!

I followed the prompt as best I could.  I didn't have the tools they used so I need to improvise.  I layered acrylic paints in layers starting with the blue followed by tan, green and white.  I used a baby wipe and my fingers to do some blending.  Once I was done I thought it looked a lot like how our earth looks from the International Space Station, so I decided to make some moons in their various stages, the sun and a couple planets.  I then used a stencil I made and added some of the stars in whichever way struck my fancy.  I went over some of them with a fine black pen, and added some squiggly lines here and there near the other more linear star patterns.

I am not super crazy about how it turned out but it certainly is a lot of layers!  It also gave me an idea of how to put some layers on and then add some mixed media techniques on top.  I tried to use layers and shading to make my space theme look more 3D.  I enjoyed that very much! :)  I love blending techniques and mixing colours.

Space theme for "Layers"

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