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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Working with Book Paper DLP2015 Week 1

The Documented Life Project started up today!  The first prompt was to create a goal page for 2015 using mixed media techniques.  I have never done mixed media art so I watched the tutorial from one of the artist's on the site, see Roben-Marie Smith's tutorial here.   It was very interesting! I had often wondered how people created some of the effects I had observed on the Facebook page for The Documented Life Project.

The prompt was to gather 'book paper' and glue them to the page.  I used an envelope, a part of an old dress pattern, an old falling apart hymnal, a piece of a calendar from the year 1994, a memo from my school days and a typed riddle sheet someone gave me ages ago.  I glued them all on the page with a glue stick.
You can see them all there, glued on.
Once the paper was on, I covered it with gesso, and let it dry, then I took my water colours and spread them all over in whichever way I saw fit.  I used some white acrylic paint to blend in the colour here and there.  I took a brown pastel pencil to make some shapes under the paint.
My 'book paper' covered with gesso and water colours.
I then made the 'book mark' to cover my goals for 2015. I did the water colours as the back drop, and then some free hand painting with acrylics to form my flower.  I made the little embellishment with more book paper and card stock, ending it with the ribbon.

It was very neat seeing the effect of mixed media come together as I worked on it.  Now, I just need to decide what I would like to do on the opposite page.  I am leaning towards the days of the week along with some art on half the page.  Looking forward to doing more!
I need to put some washi tape on the top so I can fold it up and down.  My goals are under there though. :)

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