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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Cup Cakes

     We are all feeling sick with coughs, but we decided that we would at least do our cupcakes today, even if we can't have all the other treats with it! I bought some tin foil cup cake heart molds and we made these up with a yummy mix from the XO Baking Co.: Cupcake Mix (they sell yummy, wholesome Gluten free goodies). 

Fresh out of the oven and their foil wraps! 

I made some cake decorating icing; two colours, a white and pink.  We took out our decorating tools and went to town on the little hearts.  I love moments like these!  They are so much fun and it's great to spend a special afternoon.  We took a break from school to celebrate this afternoon. :)

G working on his!

Heather adding some flare with her hearts! 

The finished product. :)

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