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Monday, January 21, 2013

Book Sharing Monday: Geography!!!

This is our line up for the geography unit study we will be doing.  We started in on it last week with Donna Ward's Province to Province.  It's a great book and I am so pleased to have it as a guide to our geography study.   I did a book review on two of these books in my book sharing Monday post over the last few weeks.  The posts can be viewed here: Paddles to the Sea and here: WOW Canada.  I also added in the Symbols of Canada, (this one was free from the government of Canada providing you have a Canadian address), The Scholastic Canadian World Atlas and A Canadian Social Studies book I picked up from a homeschooling mom.   There is a puzzle map there of Canada as well. I believe I got that one at the dollar store.  I have a map of Canada I need to put under some heavy see through plastic for our table top.  I find the kids love it when we have a map on the table and will often refer to it throughout the day.  

What I love about these books is how colourful and engaging they are.  The Symbols of Canada is gorgeous, as is the WOW Canada book.  Lots of goodies there, looking forward to posting about them in our geography unit study over the next several weeks!

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