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Monday, December 10, 2012

Book Sharing Monday: WOW Canada

We had been doing a plain work book for Canadian Geography and it was boring us all to tears so I decided to look into something more engaging and fun.  Geography is not one of my strong suits.  We do it but it's not my favorite subject! I decided I had better spice things up a little: for all of us.  Canada is truly a gorgeous country from coast to coast and I want our children to see that we live in one of the most amazing, versatile landscapes in the world!  

So, I did some digging, asked advice from a friend and found this incredible book:  Wow Canada!.  It reminds me of an Usborne Book.  The book is built around a family who traveled coast to coast, province by province to learn about this beautiful Country of ours.  It is written from the perspective of 12 year old, Guy, whose humour engages, and his survival tips enlighten the reader with all types of information that kids will hold in their head for years to come.  
Front Cover
This book is eye catching from page to page.  There are gorgeous pictures of landscape, culture and natural resources.  Lot of information about each province abounds.  The author skillfully weaves together cultural history along with geography, natural resources, wild life and the like in each page you turn.   This is a very pleasing book.  A wonderful read a loud that can ignite a desire to learn more about this beautiful Country, definitely a WOW book. :)

I will be using this in tandum with a few other goodies I found.  Including:  Province to Province (I got this one from The Learning House)  , Paddles to the Sea, Scholastic Canada Atlas of the World (or Collins Canadian World Atlas) and Symbols of Canada.  You can get this one for free from our government, providing you have a Canadian address.  See link for that one (allow 2-3 weeks to receive it).  It can also be purchased on the Donna Ward Site: link.  
Inside the book

We won't be starting all this geography until the new year.  I hope we can wait! :)   I threw out our plain white and black workbooks and we will move on! 


  1. We have that book! It is a fun addition to any Canadian geography study. Wish I was closer to help you out. Geography is not boring ;)

  2. I think it will turn out to be great fun this year! We did a Child's Geography which was okay but didn't thrill my kids. We have also done it by studying maps through history: plotting where historical events happened etc. This looks like it will be very satisfying and engaging! :)


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