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Monday, December 17, 2012

Book Sharing Monday: Paddle to the Sea

I am so pleased with this book!  A good friend of mine recommended it to me as a geography read a loud.   This book was written in 1941 and has become a favorite among readers for many years now.  A young boy carves an Indian and canoe naming it Paddle to the Sea.  He places him into the water, with a note attached giving the Indian and canoe's name with the instruction to place him back in the water.  This journey takes him from the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence River, to the Atlantic Ocean.  While on his journey he has many experiences and meets many people, braves danger, sees various wild life and gets the lay of the land!  It's a great way to do geography.  The author has three more books similar to this one as well.  

I found this book on a curriculum site called Beautiful Feet Books.  They had some great curriculum with it, including a sturdy map to plot Paddle to the Sea's journey.  It's nice but I will make our own. ;)  On that map page, at the bottom, is a neat link that one of their customers created to go along with the book Paddle to the Sea.  The link is a google earth application with some of the places Paddle to the Sea visited.  If you click on the canoes, you can get more information and such about the place(s) the canoe visited.  I will be utilizing that for sure!

I am happy with how Geography is shaping up for our until study in January.  It will be great fun. :)

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