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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: GF Muffins from a Mix

I usually soak my grains for 12-24 hours before I bake them and most everything I bake is from scratch.  But every now and again, I like to cheat and use a mix to do something!  Particularly, if I am short on time.  My hubby brought home a few GF mixes to try and one of them was a muffin mix!  I was headed out to a play date yesterday morning and thought I would make a dozen with this mix.   The name of the company who makes this mix is: King Arthur Flour:  Basic Muffin Mix (you can add all your own goodies).  The muffins turned out amazing!  They were so moist and yummy. :) I made 6 with blueberries and 6 with raspberries.  They were gone in no time.  It is definitely one I will keep on the pantry shelf. 

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