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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pretty Shawl

View of the completed shawl  
Of all the shawls I have crocheted this one was my favorite to make thus far.  It's a lovely pattern.  I got it from the Bernat Website, it's called Sheep(ish) - Bohemian shawl (crochet) and is under the section called shawls.  You have to join the site to get the patterns but it's a free membership.  I made this for a good friend after the birth of her baby boy.  She is a fellow crocheter and when she saw this pattern she loved it!  So I offered to make it for her.  :)  It was so much fun to make!  It was detailed to crochet but I found the pattern easy to read and understand.  I was surprised by how quickly it came together.  The intricacy of this design is what gives it, its allure.  So beautiful with all the stitches coming together to work in this web like pattern.  I also learned how to do a Fsc: Foundation single crochet for the first time.  I found that I really liked that way to start a row, it gave the piece a nice solid start and combined two steps into one.  

This shawl was truly a pleasure to make and give!

Side view of shawl (you can see the Foundation single crochet).   

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