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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Precious Projects

I have been working on several special projects over the last few months for all the precious babies whose arrivals were greatly anticipated by our group of friends!  Making something for each of the these precious ones was a pleasure and one of the high lights of my summer months.  Crocheting is an enjoyable way to keep my hands busy.  More then that, it has become a way for me to spend time in prayer for the receiver of the gift.  

Below is a baby blanket I made for a friend's baby.  I love this pattern!  It's called the Blackberry Striped Baby Blanket .  I have done two of these blankets now, the pattern was similar but the blankets are very different because of the colour schemes I used for each one.  Both were made with much love! :)  This was the first one I did. 

Below is a different view of the same blanket (folded). I edged it with one of the colours of the blanket to give it a nice finished look and to help the blanket maintain its shape when washed and used.

This next one was a fun blanket to make.  I used a 100% cotton yarn.   Each row was worked with the V-stitch.  I edged it with a row of single crochet and finished it with a picot edging to give it that extra little 'something'. :)

LOTS of fun!   The babies have almost all arrived!  We are awaiting the last precious one, coming soon though!

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