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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Book Sharing Monday: Miracles on Maple Hill & Why Do Tigers Have Stripes

Miracles on Maple Hill
We just finished a lengthy read aloud with the kids. It was a missions story: In Search of the Source. So now we are moving on to Miracles on Maple Hill (suggested reading level: grade 3 and up). We're in the home stretch of American History as a result we have been studying the First and Second World Wars. We do a fair amount of sketching and copy work for History (see here for our history sketches) but we also include read a louds in our history studies. It is difficult for children to grasp war and the effect it has had on those who fought in them. I wanted to read them a book that speaks to them about how people must heal from the experience of war. This book is about a father who returns home to his family after WWII. He is not the same from what he has seen. The story depicts the journey of how he and his family learn to heal from the after effects of war. Many miracles abound as the family spends time at their Grandma's house out in the country the year after the war. This book is a Newbery Award winner!
Why Do Tigers Have Stripes?

This little book is by Usborne Starting Point Science. It's a wonderful book that all my children have enjoyed reading. I've been reading it to my 4 year old this week. She asks me for it before I can even offer it! lol It's all about how and why animals survive in the wild, including how an animal uses disguises, signals and colours to blend in to their environment. She was fascinated with the various animals, from the ones she knew about to the ones she had never heard about before.

Here are a couple of pages to peek your interest. My kids read this book again and again! They loved to learn about how animals protect themselves, what habitat they live in, how they keep their young safe and the list goes on! My two eldest will still pull out this book to read on their own.


  1. The first book I had read and used before. It as great read aloud, but can be challenging as an independent read to keep kid's interest going. The second book looks like lots of fun and a great way to the way animals use their skin to survive in the wild.

    1. Thank you! That's good to know about Maple Hill. I'm planning in doing it as a read a loud with the eldest two. I'll take it in little bits then. :)


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