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Monday, October 18, 2010

Tried my Hand at Quilting this past weekend.

On Saturday I met a couple of friends at one of their homes to get my very first quilting lesson. I've always been interested in quilting so jumped at the opportunity when my friend offered to teach me. I have a sewing machine my MIL bought me a number of years ago, so I pulled it out along with all my sewing supplies, some extra material my MIL gave me and headed out for an afternoon of fun, fellowship and learning. :) It turned out that I loved it (I thought I would). I completed my first quilting project this weekend - a place mat. I am looking forward to quilting all sorts of things. But the very first thing I would like to make is a quilt for Gates' bed. I got out some graph paper and drew up a design. It has some embroidery in it as well, which I am looking forward to doing because I have done that in ages as well. So hopefully in a few months time I'll have a picture to post of a quilt I made with my very own hands!

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  1. You are awesome! I really enjoyed showing you how to quilt ;)
    Your new blog design is lovely too.


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